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Metal Staple Art

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An interesting invention of the artist – a picture of Superman from metal staples. To create such a picture, it took 75 hours of labor and 35 thousand staples.

So everything is real in this life, only a desire.


Switch Restaurant by Karim Rashid

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When it comes to suave and contemporary designs, Karim Rashid is a name that reverberates in every ear. Being a great connoisseur of the talented designer, I just can’t stop wowing over his new restaurant, The Switch in Dubai, U.A.E. The restaurant’s interiors have just been competed and it blends many different elements, sufficient for a spectator to elevate into a trance. One of the elements is the restaurant’s color changing undulating walls and the ceiling that is decorated with Arabic writing, lit from behind.

Apparently, the wall is inspired by the Arabic letter S, turned on its side. The letter pronounced as ‘Shin’ looks like a sigma and is also a play on the word “Switch”. It is a truly unique environment that takes one on a journey that is akin to evoking the sand dunes in the country in a contemporary envelop.