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User Instructions for Men and Women in Bathroom

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Funny and so true :) ))


I’m sorry but we blew up your laptop

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Young American woman Lilly was traveling to Israel to see her friends and relatives in Tel Aviv.

But Israeli border security officers somehow made a conclusion, that her MacBook was suspicious, that’s why they needed to blow it up right now.

The owner of laptop says:

After much yelling, crying and frantic phone dialing (don’t be alarmed if I called you repeatedly this morning), he took me outside to see the wreckage.

It turned out it hadn’t been quite blown up, but rather shot through with three bullets.

We were able to extract the hard drive, seemingly unscaved. Thank goodness!

Now the woman is trying to figure out how to get compensation.


Five Effective and Easy Cholesterol Lowering Diets

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Cholesterol is a normal part of your system. It is used by your body to perform a number of important functions such as the production of membranes for the cells or the activation of hormones. But it becomes a liability to your body when it goes out of control.

Here are five easy cholesterol lowering diets that you can follow to keep the balance of the different types of fats inside your body:

  1. Munch on the classic nuts like almond, pistachio and walnut. Be careful not to overindulge though, as they also translate to calories. These nuts will help to improve the elasticity of your blood vessels. This in turn will improve the circulation of the blood in your body. More efficient blood circulation will mean less work for the pumping organ, your heart.
  2. Oat meals became popular for a reason. They are rich in soluble fiber that helps in clearing out the bad cholesterol from your body. Preparations for this may be mixed with your favourite fruit. Simply prepare it to suit your taste.
  3. Instead of sticking to the usual cooking oils used in the kitchen, opt for those rich in monounsaturated fats. This kind of fat is a good source of the good cholesterol that will help in balancing the cholesterol count in your body. Fats that are considered monounsaturated can be found on oils from canola, avocado and olive.
  4. Add fiber to every meal. The addition of fiber-rich foods to any meal is among the most popular on the list of cholesterol lowering diets. Fruits and vegetables should be added to every meal to ensure good digestive circulation.
  5. Choose fish over any other animal meat. Those rich in omega-3 should be of particular interest. Doctors believe a steady diet of at least two servings of fish a week can make a big difference for your cholesterol count.

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Additional Tips/reminders:

  • Keep in mind that different people have different genetic make-up. This means, a diet that is perfect for one individual may not always prove successful to another.
  • The key is to visit a nutritionist or even the family doctor first before planning a major change to your family’s nutritional needs. In this way, your family would be able to plan a diet that has less cholesterol without compromising on the other important nutrients.
  • Lastly, if you badly need to watch your cholesterol level you should see an expert so that more effective cholesterol lowering diets can be planned out.

Golden Eagle Hunting

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For hunting purpose Kazakhs catch and train Golden Eagles, mighty birds of prey common throughout the Central Asia. These huge birds weight up to 6.5 kilograms with wingspan of seven or eight feet.

The talons or claws on an eagle’s toes are curved and razor-sharp for catching and holding their prey. This gave eagles the name raptor which comes from a Latin word “rapere” meaning to grip or grasp.

Eagles are “birds of prey,” which means they hunt for their food. Unlike other birds, which eat seeds or insects flying short distance, eagles fly great distances in order to find game. Therefore eagles mastered the skill of soaring. They ride the warm flows of air and can speed up to twenty miles per hour almost without effort.

The eagle’s eyesight is especially remarkable. With vision about eight times sharper than human, they can spot a fox or rabbit up to a mile away.

Usually Kazakh hunters go for female birds as they one third heavier than males and much more aggressive. Eagles can live up to 50 years but most hunters keep the birds for about 10 years and then release them back into the wild.


Paul Nicklen’s “Polar Obsession”

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Renowned National Geographic extreme photojournalist Paul Nicklen has released a new book titled Polar Obsession, which chronicles his expedition underwater and across the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. From documenting the lives of polar animals to majestic landscapes, Nicklen hopes to inspire people to protect these vulnerable regions and its inhabitants.

Paul Nicklen emerges numb from the cold after an hour under the ice.

A young polar bear leaps between ice floes. Barents Sea, Svalbard, Norway. These photographs are from Paul Nicklen’s recently released book, Polar Obsession (National Geographic Focal Point, $50), the culmination of 15 years of work photographing wildlife in the arctic and Antarctica. The book celebrates the arctic and Antarctic ecosystems and discusses the urgent need to halt global warming, which threatens their existence. For more from Nicklen on Polar Obsession, see our recent interview with the photographer.

A kittiwake soars in front of a large iceberg. Svalbard, Norway.

In the Arctic spring, meltwater channels drain toward and down a seal hole, returning to the sea.

Narwhals dive deep under the ice to feed on Arctic cod, then return to the surface to breathe and raise their tusks high in the air. Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, Canada.

A gentoo penguin chick peeks, checking for patrolling leopard seals before tempting fate. Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula.

A leopard seal feeds Paul Nicklen a penguin. Antarctic Peninsula.

A large bull walrus returns to the shores of Prins Karl Forland after diving and feeding on clams. Svalbard, Norway.

Mother bear and two-year-old cub drift on glacier ice. Hudson Strait, Nunavut, Canada.

Looking towards an uncertain future, a huge male bear triggers a camera trap, taking his own picture. Leifdefjorden, Spitsbergen, Norway.

All Photographs © Paul Nicklen / National Geographic